ANRE’s VP Henorel Soreata has resigned-sources

Henorel Soreata, one of the two VPs of the National Energy Regulatory Authority has resigned starting 1th of March, according to market sources.

Henorel Soreaţă has announced his resignation in the institution on the 1th of March and will stay in office until a replacent will be appointed.’ s journalists have contacted him for further information, but he refused to answer. Several market sources have revealed contradicting information regarding Soreata’s decision to quit, two years after he was appointed in this position.

On one hand, some market representatives told that ANRE’s activity, after Government’s adoption of the 114 Ordinance, has sparked discontent among PSD’s leading party leaders (ANRE sets the regulatory framework for the Ordinance to be in place).

According to sources, the discontent comes from the fact that the changes made by the Ordinance haven’t brought the expected outcome and affected the party’s image: energy prices for population did not go down, and might go up for industrial companies. Soreata has obtained this position in the Authority with the support of PSD ( ANRE is being run by the former PSD Parliament member Dumitru Chiriță), and now the party needs a scapegoat.

On the other hand, other market sources say that the reason Soreata has resigned is because he denied on several ocasions to sign institution documents that concern the rules of procedure for the 114 Ordinance.

The institution has not made yet any comments on the matter.

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